45K Scanner System for Laser Lighting

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Warranty clause: All laser light with 1 year warranty. If parts of laser light damaged during the warranty. Buyer can return the damage parts back to us for free repair. but the buyer undertake the freight. and if the laser lights beyond the warranty period. and the buyer need to change the parts, we can purchase it for the buyer according the market price.

Attention: If Pay by Western Union or Bank Transfer, please contact me. Because Price On Website is Including Paypal Fee (4%).

1). 532nm Green is Pump Module and Sensitive to Temperature, So if the Temperature is low, need some seconds to Preheat. You will just see Red And Blue Color when you Power On the laser, but no Green Color.
2). 520nm Green is LED Semiconductor, not Sensitive to Temperature, no need to preheat time, also more Stable and better for Your Eyes.
3). But please attend: 520nm Green Beam is a little fat than 532nm, Because 532nm is a dot, but 520nm is a small line.


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