IP Camera HD "P3D-W898bV-G-B-POE" 2592*1920P(5MP)

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Product Code: RGB-W898bV-G-B-POE
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Warranty clause: All laser light with 1 year warranty. If parts of laser light damaged during the warranty. Buyer can return the damage parts back to us for free repair. but the buyer undertake the freight. and if the laser lights beyond the warranty period. and the buyer need to change the parts, we can purchase it for the buyer according the market price.

Attention: If Pay by Western Union or Bank Transfer, please contact me. Because Price On Website is Including Paypal Fee (4%).

Weight: 1.5 Kg

Main Features

1. Support electronic zoom function

2. Support searching devices.

3. Support different permission of the users display different interface.

4. Support displaying the front-end device list.

5. Display online devices and offline devices by group.

6. Support maintaining and managing on-line status of front-end device.

7. Support multi-screen video window and full screen controls.

8. Real-time video streams to monitor.

9. Support clicking device group name then play this group’s devices automatic.

10. Support player window patrol

11. Support manual record

12. Support playing window changes position

13. Support the client screen lock

14. Support video window display some playing status

15. Support TV Wall function.

16. Support the patrol of TV Wall

17. Support PTZ control.

18. Voice talk.

19. Support picture capture.

20. Support local record by the client.

21. Support querying, playback and downloading front-end records (including the front-end and local record).

22. Support displaying real-time alarm information of devices.

23. Support querying the historical alarm information.

24. Support real-time video surveillance of the window and the corresponding voice switch control the display and maintenance of the status.

25. Support the record status of the video window display and maintenance.

26. Support the restoration of status control and management last time monitoring.

27. Support YUV formats accelerated graphics (if you only use the card does not support YUV RGB display).

Note: The Free UC Video Surveillance Client Software can support all functions above ONLY with functionally achievable cameras. If you are not sure or concern very much about some function achievement by both camera and UC software, please send us message to confirm.

Operating Environment Requirements

Hardware environment

Central Processing Unit (CPU): Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0G or above.

Main Memory: DDRIII 2G or above.

NIC: 100/1000M adaptive.

HDD: 250G or above.

Graphics: GeForce4 256MB or above.

Display: 17 inch (or above) color LCD or CRT monitor, 1024 × 768 resolution (or above).

Note: If more real-time video inputand records are added to PC, the main hardware such as CPU/memory/graphics card must upgrade to higher configuration.

Software Environment

UC video surveillance client software is able to work with Windows 2000/XP/2003/7 operating systems and Internet Explorer 6.0~9.0.


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